Readyboost on your windows XP.

Do you know readyboost application ? Readyboost is feature On Windows Vista Operation System,
you can boost your notebook performance with this application.
It works by using USB 2.0 drive,flash memory,SD card or any kind of portable massive flash storage as a drive for disk cache.Now,how using this aplication on windows XP ? You need Eboostr software
What you need is a USB disk or USB thumb drive with some space available to be used by eBoostr.


-Microsoft Windows XP
-USB 2.0 port version or external card-reader
-USB flash drive or flash card with at least 64 MB free space

What eBoostr does is caching your frequently used applications on your USB disk drive. By doing so, eBoostr will help to reduce the Harddisk access which considered slower, especially on laptop’s harddisk if it being compared with USB disk drive speed.
eBoostr can handle up to 4 USB devices to be used as cache device.

A trial version of eBoostr is available and can be
Download The trial version will work fully functional for 4 hours after every computer reboots. You can try it first before purchase it to see that it give performance boost you expected.

After several days using eboostr, I feel a many improvement on my Notebook.

For using the full version you need to spend US$29.
I have aplying this software until right now,its very fantastic for me

conclusion :

Very usefull,more cheaper,and very Practical.
Download ebooster

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