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Google’s new open-source Web browser, while light on options, packs a decent punch if you're looking for something fairly basic. The newest toy from Google is a mix of OS and browser, as you can create static desktop links to Gmail, Google Docs, Reader, Picasa, and more. While Chrome perhaps isn’t the best looking browser available, its sleek and simple design gives provides an easy interface for exploring the Web.

When installing Chrome, you are prompted to import bookmarks and settings. This test was completed on a system where Firefox is the default browser, and Google’s Chrome imported all the bookmarks with no trouble. Once imported, the bookmarks appear in Chrome’s bookmark bar. If you used the Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox, that will remain as expected when imported into the Chrome browser.Chrome's design, like Google's namesake search engine, is spare to give more space and emphasis to Web pages. A handful of small blue buttons appears in the toolbar above the Web page rather than big colorful buttons that come with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

To accommodate users who keep a lot of Web sites open at once, Google places tabs, which contain Web pages, at the top of the screen. In that way, users have quicker access.Navigation is another area where Chrome tries to set itself apart. Rather than having separate boxes for search and for the address bar, Chrome combines them into one box, called an Omnibox.

Users are given suggestions as they type a URL or search term, helping to save time. Those suggestions get more personalized based on the user's browsing history to the point that all I had to do was type in a single letter to get the full Web site address I was seeking.

In some cases, users can search within sites that have their own search engine, like Google-owned YouTube, by hitting the tab key on the computer keyboard without leaving Chrome.

conclusion :

Google chrome Easy to used...and good design,very usefull

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