Vista Transformation Pack Version 9.0.1

Vista Transformation Pack (also referred to as VTP) is a compilation of programs created for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. It has the ability to change the user interface to simulate the Windows Vista graphical user interface by adding several themes and visual styles, installing some third-party software, and patching system files. The program effectively simulates Windows Vista and is a popular choice for Windows XP users that prefer the Windows Vista appearance but do not want to actually install Windows Vista.

In the latest version (ver. 9.0.1), users can use ViSplore, an application that simulates the glass of the Windows Vista explorer. You are also able to get the Instant Search function and the new All Programs feature in the Start Menu using ViStart. Users can also get the Sidebar using former Thoosje's Vista Sidebar which includes 19 gadgets. The Sidebar has since been updated to Vista Rainbar, a far stabler and faster alternative. The Windows Aero feature is now part of the transformation pack, using a program called TrueTransparency or the user has the choice to buy WindowBlinds from Stardock.

VTP is the successor of Longhorn Transformation Pack (LTP), when Windows Vista was still known under its codename, Longhorn

Changes in Version 9.0.1
-Added ViSplore in unsafe applications list (It's first beta version after all)
-Added restrcting applications don't meet the requirements from startup list (But not from installation so you can set it manually still)
-Added restrcting to set unsafe applications in Personalization page (Welcome Center only)
-Fixed Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibilities (Even non-RTM version can apply so make sure you use official build 5512)
-Fixed "Do not show this welcome screen after restart" option bug that always keep program in startup instead
-Updated Vista Rainbar's launcher for constant waiting cursor activity issue
-Updated Vistalize basic desktop theme components to apply font and toolbar in Personalization
-Updated VisualTooltip default configuration to set area space in bottom from 30 to 0
-Updated WinFlip's configuration for higher reliablity and compatibilities with ViStart Download

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